TVD/TO AU forum. Year is 2023. It's time to help fight towards new vampire who is a common enemy. Canon and OC are welcome.
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 Blackburn sisters

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Katrien Blackburn
Katrien Blackburn

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PostSubject: Blackburn sisters   Blackburn sisters EmptyFri May 19, 2017 8:51 am

So, I'm thinking how cool it would be if Kati gets sisters so I'll open requests for them if someone wants to take them. For more informations about them look at Katrien's app or send me pm

Elizabeth Blackburn

Blackburn sisters Beth10

Age: 25/903
Play by: Amanda Seyfried

If you think that Katrien is bad, that's only because you didn't met Elizabeth. She is even worse. She is cold, manipulative, but just like Katrien and Imogen, she values family before anything else. Her sisters are her best friends and for some reason, Katrien only listens to her.

Imogen Blackburn

Blackburn sisters Imogen10

Age: 20/898
Play by: Margot Robbie

Good sister, better than Katrien and Elizabeth. She was always good child in the family. What I can say, she is an angel.

Blackburn sisters 8WSGd0E

You've got a fire inside but your heart is cold.
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Blackburn sisters
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