TVD/TO AU forum. Year is 2023. It's time to help fight towards new vampire who is a common enemy. Canon and OC are welcome.
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Magdalena Ivanova

Magdalena Ivanova

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PostSubject: Magdalena Ivanova (WIP)   Magdalena Ivanova (WIP) EmptyFri May 19, 2017 9:29 am

Magdalena Ivanova (WIP) Emma_stone_face_red_hair_person_look_69999_300x300

   Character's name: Magdalena Natalija Ivanova

   Age: 22/759

   Species: Vampire

   Face claim: Emma Stone

Maggy has brown hair what isn't very long, it's around her shoulders. Also, it's curly most of the time. She has the blue colour of eyes. Her hair even used to be blonde few years ago. She just wanted to look a bit of different. She is slim and 5'6".
Well, she seems to dress according to the current fashion. Even if for her it has changed over so long time. So getting used new fashion seems to be easy for her now. Even if she seems to prefer dresses more.
Tell us about your character's overall personality.  How they react in different situations? Remember that you need to write with your own words.

She was born a few centuries ago. Her life has changed over those years quite much. She had mother and father who were very caring and very good parents. She seemed to get along with them good. Her life was good for sure. She had everything girl could have back then.

Things began to changes her life when she reached 22. Well, she was turned into a vampire a week after her birthday. She wasn't even sure why. Her life wasn't same anymore. She changed so much after that. She became more careful who she trusts and who she is close with. She became distance with her parents even.

Since she couldn't stay in one place where long she began to travel here to there after some years. So she barely went back to home or even talked with her parents. Few years after she had left home she got news that her parents are dead. She was a bit sad about it but she knew it will happen eventually.

Anyways her life continued on. She saw centuries to changes. Even fashion to changes. She even seemed to find a love but they never lasted very long. She couldn't do it at the end. She left them very easily. She knew it's best for them. But yeah even she has made some mistakes in her life.

Like one day she married with one male name Darian. She isn't even sure how it happened. Anyways yeah half year later they did already divorce and ever since then she has been more careful with alcohol and every other drink in her life. She keeps living her life as immortal. She is always will look 22 even if she is actually already 759. She is old.

Out of Character
   Alias: Krissu

   How you found us: Erm admin.

   Main Character: Bonnie Bennett
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Magdalena Ivanova (WIP)
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