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Tyler StJohn
Tyler StJohn

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PostSubject: StJohn, Tyler   StJohn, Tyler EmptyFri May 19, 2017 6:02 pm

StJohn, Tyler Wwe-superstar-john-cenas-birthday-23-april" />

    Character's name: Tyler James StJohn

    Age: 32 years old

    Species: Human/ Hunter

    Face claim: John Cena

He is always neat and shaven. He wears clean and pressed jeans and tee shirts, he likes to wear trainers when out for his morning run, but wears clean and polished shoes or combatboots while working as he calls it.    

Caring: He is a big softy at heart , he would jump at the chance to care for his friends and family with out a second glance. There was one day when his mother was at work his sister fell and grazed her knee he took her and cleaned it up even making her laugh again. He helped his mother around the house when he was a teen.

Intelligent: He has a head on his shoulders and doesn’t mind sitting with a book or going into a library to look something up. This helped when he had to work on getting his promotions and pass exams in school.

Independent: Tyler is fiercely independent. Even as a young boy he did things his ways, even when things didn't work out and he would have to rely on friends and family to help him out. Tyler maintains and runs his pick up to insure that he doesn't have to rely on others to give him a ride to and from work.

Tyler James St. John, born to Mary Anne and Sargent Philip Michael St. John, sniper, Oldest of three children. His father loved the corp and being a sniper, even if it was a risky job, but he hated that it took him away from Mary while she was pregnant with Tyler. Once Tyler was born his father finished his time served and asked to be reassigned so he could stay on base as a trainer, but by then Tyler was in his mid teens. Tyler grew up a happy boy playing with the other kids on base and watching the new recruits as they came in. It was then at the age of 15 his mother and father had two more children, Alyssa and Alex a pair of twins.

School was a little different as he was constantly teased for being over weight. It was coach Lavender that saw potential in Tyler as a defensive tackle after spotting him rush down two ass holes for calling him names. After trying out and making the team, Tyler used his hours of training and natural quick-thought to prevent the other team from successfully making plays. This aided his team in becoming State Champs and Tyler became somewhat of a home town hero.

Several months before graduation, and the idea of entering adulthood, Tyler thought seriously about joining the Marines to hone his natrual skills of hunting and tracking. While his mother was horrified by the idea of him doing this, his father felt proud that he wanted to serve his country and join their hunting party, but he was still concerned about his son going off to war.  After Graduation Tyler went ahead and enlisted anyway.

While on assignment his position was compromised and he was shot twice in the knee by a vamp, shattering it. A felow patoon mate managed to get him out and back to camp, where he was sent home to have knee replacement surgery. After recovery from his knee, Tyler was honourably discharged from the United States Marine Corps.

Tyler still had his skill for hunting and combined with his sniper skills he'd learned, he could take down a wolf, vamp or witch without being seen. But he still works on cars , trucks and bikes as a mechanic and being his second love.
Out of Character
    Alias: Brant

    How you found us: posted Ad on another site

    Main Character: this one
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Bonnie Bennett
Bonnie Bennett

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PostSubject: Re: StJohn, Tyler   StJohn, Tyler EmptyFri May 19, 2017 6:21 pm

Accepted and sorted!
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StJohn, Tyler
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