TVD/TO AU forum. Year is 2023. It's time to help fight towards new vampire who is a common enemy. Canon and OC are welcome.
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Kol Mikaelson
Kol Mikaelson

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PostSubject: Kol Mikaelson   Kol Mikaelson EmptySat May 20, 2017 5:19 am

Kol Mikaelson Nathaniel-Buzolic-nathaniel-buzolic-28839575-320-320

   Character's name: Kol Mikaelson

   Age: Unknown, he is born at 10th century

   Species: Vampire

   Face claim: Nathaniel Buzolic

Kol is beautiful and he is aware of his goood look. He has short brown hair and brown eyes. His style is different when he was in differend moods. Sometimes people can see him in casual clothes, and on other day he is wearing suit.

Throughout his life, Kol has emotionally struggled with his status as the black sheep of the family, and the belief that his siblings considered him to be more of a nuisance than their own brother. He was shown to be rather spiteful and jealous over Marcel Gerard, whom he saw was treated more like family than he ever was - and as such, Kol often lashed out violently and boldly, earning him a dangerous reputation and on occasion, the ire of his siblings. In reality however, his behavior is revealed to be simple cries for attention. Even if he doesn't show that often, he is nice guy and value family more than anything. He is ready to do everything in order to see them safe and happy.

   Kol is the third son of Mikael and Esther, and their youngest living son after Henrik's death. Just like his brothers and sisters, he was turned into a vampire in 1001 years. He was for the most part of his life dead because Klaus kept killing him over and over again.
Once when he was awake in the Msytic Falls Kol feared the return of Silas and was adamant about stopping him. He antagonized the Mystic Falls Gang and was proposed a truce by Elena Gilbert. However, the truce was a setup to kill Kol and it ultimately led to his demise at the hands of Jeremy Gilbert. Then Kol was seen on the Other Side as it was slowly collapsing due to Markos' emergence. He encountered Matt Donovan and expressed fear for himself and the other supernatural beings of the Other Side. Kol told Matt to warn everybody who was alive.

Kol was able to escape the destruction of The Other Side . His mother, Esther managed to resurrect him and place him into the body of a young witch named Kaleb Westphall. He temporarily aided his mother and recently resurrected brother, Finn, but quickly followed his own agenda. He ended up pursuing a relationship with the young witch Davina Claire, and joined his brothers Klaus and Elijah, where he ultimately helped them defeat Esther and their father Mikael, once and for all. However, in retaliation for assisting his brothers in stopping their mother by turning her into a vampire, Finn hexed Kol with a deadly spell in Sanctuary. He consequently died for the second time, surrounded by his family and girlfriend. Moments before Kol's death, Rebekah promised to bring Kol back. While looking for ways to bring back Kol, Davina briefy reunites with Kol to confirm if a spell of The Strix's can bring back Kol. Although it can, Kol tried to lie and say it couldn't as he is worried of the consequences of the spell, something Davina realizes before she departs due to the Ancestors finding her, with Kol holding them off long enough for his girlfriend to escape.

After that, Kol is successfully resurrected in his true form as an Original Vampire by Davina. Kol ttold Davina her spell brought him back how he was when he died in the body she resurrected, his true body, which was an Original Vampire. After she makes him a daylight ring, Kol reunites with all of his siblings, receiving a warm welcome from all his siblings except for Rebekah, who is daggered for her own safety due to the curse afflicted on her by the Cursed Stake, and Finn as he had yet to appear and murdered Kol to begin with, which is why the rest of the family besides Freya despised Finn.
It was revealed by Davina that the Ancestors had corrupted the spell that brought him back to life, causing him to want to rip out Davina's throat, making him slowly become more feral and to give in to his heightened bloodlust until he does. The more he resist killing Davina , the more Kol becomes savage and thirsty for blood to the point he was a mindless animal looking only to feed, beyond thought or reason. It was only after he killed Davina that a horrified Kol was released from the curse, and he was devastated for having unknowingly killed the love of his life.

After Marcel completed his transition into an Enhanced Original Vampire, he used his toxic werewolf bite on both Kol and Elijah as revenge for Davina's death from Elijah's betrayal, and for Kol having unwillingly killed Davina due to the Ancestors. A poisoned Freya saves Kol, Elijah, Rebekah, and herself by using the spell Dahlia cast to survive a thousand years, to put them all in a slumber in stasis to prevent the poisons from killing them until Hayley can find cures for them. They are linked to a neutralized Klaus' lifeforce, while their minds are in a Chambre de Chasse, to be with each other in peace until they awake.

Kol is a member of the Mikaelson Family and an unnamed Witch Family.
Now he is alive again and lives in Mystic Falls.

Out of Character
   Alias: Nadia

   How you found us: admin here

   Main Character: Katrien BlackburnI'll see after I finish my new character
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Caroline Forbes
Caroline Forbes

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PostSubject: Re: Kol Mikaelson   Kol Mikaelson EmptySat May 20, 2017 8:15 am

Looks good and accpected
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Kol Mikaelson
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