TVD/TO AU forum. Year is 2023. It's time to help fight towards new vampire who is a common enemy. Canon and OC are welcome.
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 Site Rules (MUST READ)

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Bonnie Bennett
Bonnie Bennett

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Site Rules (MUST READ) Empty
PostSubject: Site Rules (MUST READ)   Site Rules (MUST READ) EmptySun May 14, 2017 2:27 pm

Here you will find forum rules that will be needed to follow by all members, including staff members. The rules are here to be followed and make it everything fair for all of us. Also accepting to everyone who will join. Consequences of the breaking rules depend on what rules you break and how many times in a row. So you better should follow our few simple rules.

1. Username should have a first and last name at least. If you want you can add middle name too. (ie. Rebekah Mikaelson)

2. On your avatar should be a celebrity or someone famous (Don't use your own pictures or friends + We don't allow YouTuber unless they have made become a celebrity/singer).

3. Avatars shouldn't be bigger than 150x200! And in the application, it shouldn't be bigger 300x300. Signatures shouldn't be bigger than 500x250.

4. Never god-mod other characters without permission from the other character handler.

5. There is no limit for making characters but you should make as much as you can handle. We want you to be active with all characters.

6. No bullying! We want everyone to get along and accept everyone.

7. Mature threads aren't allowed. All contest can go to up to MA-15. Let's not describe things and just fade in the black when it happens. (We will probably add mature for those who wanna do it)

8. You can make up to 3 canons. Everyone else should be original.

9. Please respect everyone on the site, even other members, not just admins.

10. Admin word is final! (You can still suggest things and so on)

11. This is a PG-13 site so swearing along with various serious topics isn't allowed. For certain topics that could be played out, like sex, don't be descriptive and do as what rule 6 states.

12. You can curse but in your every word, remember we can have younger people here too. Of course, your characters are allowed curse too but would be nice if they don't do it all the time too.

13. We don't have word count here exactly but we prefer the quality of posts for quantity. It would be nice if you don't post just a few words back to someone who has written few paragraphs. There is always a way to have to describe things around you char or even what she is wearing or doing or anything like that.

14. The diversity of all kinds is encouraged. It would be nice if you step out of the box at times. We just want it to be accepting a place for everyone.

15. Have Fun! Roleplaying isn't something that you should take as a chore.
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Site Rules (MUST READ)
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