TVD/TO AU forum. Year is 2023. It's time to help fight towards new vampire who is a common enemy. Canon and OC are welcome.
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 Species on the site (MUST READ)

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Species on the site (MUST READ) Empty
PostSubject: Species on the site (MUST READ)   Species on the site (MUST READ) EmptySun May 14, 2017 3:52 pm


Vampires are magically reanimated human corpses which are inhabited by the spirits of the deceased person and who closely resemble the living human they were before their transformation. Vampires feed and survive on the blood of the living, typically on that of humans, and they can also transform other humans into more of their kind with their own blood.They look like humans so sometimes it could be really hard to recognize them. The easiest way, though, is when they want to feed. Their eyes become red and fangs visible. In theory, vampires are immortal but they can be killed with a stake or by ripping out their heart or just let the werewolf to bite them.
But it could be hard since they are faster and stronger than humans and they can manipulate with the mind.

Weakness: Sun and verbena.


Hybrids are a cross-breed of two or more different supernatural species. The term is commonly used to describe a werewolf turned into a vampire. However, since the werewolf-vampire hybrid's creation, there have been other cross-breed hybrids, such as Siphoner turned witch-vampire hybrids, werewolf-witch hybrids, and, in the rare case, a witch-werewolf-vampire tribrid.
Hybrids possess both the strengths and some of the weaknesses of their parent races, along with powerful attributes unique to themselves alone due to their combined heritage. For werewolf-vampire hybrids, this includes Day Walking and being able to transform into a wolf without the Full Moon's influence. For Siphoner-vampire hybrids, they retain their ability to siphon magic and their own vampirism as a limitless power source for their use in witchcraft; as they did not possess their own magic as humans, this is a skill that makes them immensely powerful.

Weakness: Some weakness of their parent races


Werewolves (also called Lycanthropes, Loup Garou, Rougarou, Beasts, or even just Wolves for short) are a near-extinct supernatural shapeshifting species of individuals who unwillingly transform into large, fearsome, and extremely hostile wolves on the night of the full moon. Even in their human form, werewolves possess superhuman physical prowess, though not to the same level as a vampire, and their abilities are not as powerful compared to those they possess on the full moon while transformed. These creatures are the most dangerous enemies of vampires due to their venomous bite, which is lethal to them. Werewolves are also hardwired to kill vampires on sight in their wolf form, though they still hunt human prey whenever there are no vampires to kill.

Weakness: Wolfbane


A witch is a person who is born with the power to affect change by magical means (Witchcraft). While many witches are the self-proclaimed "Keepers of the Balance," other witches have been known to work against the Balance and use their power for personal gain.

Weakness: All humans weaknesses.


A Vampire Hunter is a person that hunts vampires or hybrids usually with the intention of permanently destroying them. Vampire hunters often keep themselves physically and mentally strong in order to be able to seek out and face their opponents.
They often use special weapons, surprise or stealth tactics in order to be able to overpower their much stronger opponents. Hunters' crusades against vampires go almost as far back as vampirism itself.

Weakness: All humans weaknesses.
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Species on the site (MUST READ)
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